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Medical Sharps Disposal


Did you know that improper management of discarded needles and other sharps can pose a health risk to the public and waste workers? For example, discarded needles may expose waste workers to potential needle stick injuries and potential infection when containers break open inside garbage trucks or needles are mistakenly sent to recycling facilities. Janitors and housekeepers also risk injury if loose sharps poke through plastic garbage bags. Used needles can transmit serious diseases, such as HIV and hepatitis.


The Central Contra Costa Solid Waste Authority is concerned about the potential hazards associated with used medical sharps. We have partnered with various municipal organizations to provide safe collection sites for used sharps.


Currently, sharps are being collected at the locations listed below. Thanks to these hosts, used medical sharps that might otherwise harm solid waste workers and others with needle sticks, will be properly disposed.


Disposing of used medical sharps in an authorized red sharps container at one of these locations:

  • Alamo Sheriff’s Substation – 150 Alamo Plaza, Suite C.
  • Lafayette Fire Station – 3338 Mt. Diablo Blvd.
  • Moraga Fire Station – 1280 Moraga Way
  • Orinda Police Department – 22 Orinda Way
  • San Ramon Fire District – 1500 Bollinger Canyon Road
  • Walnut Creek Fire Station 1050 Walnut Avenue
  • Walnut Creek City Hall 1666 North Main Street
  • Rossmoor Gateway Building  1001 Golden Rain Road
  • Danville Police Department  510 La Gonda Way

Accepted Materials:

  • Medical Sharps (injection devices, syringes, etc.)
  • Lancets

Some very important information you should know:

  • Please make sure your sharps are contained are in an authorized sharps container before placing them in the collection receptacle. For more information on containers, check out www.bd.com/us/diabetes/.
  • The hosting organizations listed above are going out of their way to help their communities. Therefore, do not, under any circumstances, leave sharps, medications, or any other products on their property. Doing so could jeopardize the viability of these collection programs that help our residents do the right thing.
  • These sharps collection programs are for individuals only. Use by residential care facilities, doctors’ offices, veterinarians, and other commercial generators is not permitted.