5 Ways to Save Water in your Home

Overconsumption of water has become a major problem in today’s society but there are ways to improve it. Starting at home is key to playing as role in saving water for our environment. Taking just a few conscious steps moving forward will help you not only save water in your home, but help the environment!

Turn off your faucets!

The concept seems so simple but yet most of us don’t do it. Raise your hand if when you’re doing dishes to keep the water running the entire time. Most of us are definitely guilty of this! By simply filling up your sink with water and turning the pull down faucet off and on as you do dishes, you will be saving more water than you could ever image. Kitchen faucets are constantly being left on and ultimately a main source for water waste. Starting there will do more good than you can imagine.

Purchase a smaller dishwasher

There are so many modern, efficient dishwashers out there that can save not only tons of money, but tons of water! One thing you can do is instead of rinsing off our dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, you can scrape them off. Scraping them off will do the job and come on, it’s a dishwasher. Do we really need to rinse them prior? It not only defeats the purpose of having the luxury of a dishwasher, but it also wastes entirely too much water!

Shorten your showers!

Okay. This on sounds like a no brainer but everyone loves a good long shower that gets them relaxed and ready for the day. That sounds great and all but the amount of water your wasting in the process is extremely high. By taking a little less time in the shower, you’re saving a ton of water as well.

Buy a high-efficiency washer

On average, we do about 300 loads of laundry each year. Washing our clothes takes up a huge percentage of water, which ultimately means excess waters waste. If your washer machine is old, then it’s taking up even more water and energy then you could image. Purchasing a energy star efficient machine will help you save tons of water. These types of machines use almost 40% less water than your average washer machine. Not only do they save water, they also have a ton of other great benefits like being much quieter, and taking up less space!

Capture rainwater!

Rain is part of our climate making it extremely natural! If we capture rainwater, then we can use it for an abundance of things. Saving the rainwater for other usage around the home will come in handy. You can use it for your garden, rinsing vegetables, and bathe(if a shower isn’t near). The benefits of using rain water are endless and with trying to help the environment, using it will ultimately save a lot of water in your home!

Saving water in the home has so many advantages. If we take the right steps to do so, we can save more than we think which in return helps our environment. Not only can we help the environment, but we can help our personal pockets financially. Either way you look at it, it’s a win, win situation and it’s never too late to start!

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