The State of California estimates retailers in California distribute more than 20 billion disposable plastic & paper bags each year!

The best alternative to disposables is a reusable bag! One reusable bag can eliminate thousands of single-use bags over its lifetime. Disposable, single-use plastic grocery bags are made from oil, a non-renewable resource. Billions of plastic bags become litter and find their way into creeks, rivers, and oceans where they can strangle and starve wildlife and degrade water quality. Billions of paper bags are still being made from virgin tree pulp, instead of post-consumer recycled content paper. Even if bags are made with recycled content paper, their production still takes energy and creates air and water pollution…So, what can you do?

For residents: Bring your own reusable bag … an easy way to make a difference!
Reusable bags will:

  • Reduce waste: One reusable bag can replace thousands of plastic and paper bags over its lifetime.
  • Help the environment: Less waste means less air and water pollution and less energy consumption.
  • Save $$$: Many stores offer discounts when you use your reusable bag.

For businesses: Join the community-wide effort!

Help promote reusable bags and encourage shoppers to bring their own bags by:

  • Selling and promoting reusable bags to your customers.
  • Rewarding shoppers that remember their reusable bag (e.g., store discounts, bag credit, drawings).
  • Placing signs in your store, in your parking lot or planter area, or on your cart corral.

Businesses who are interested in promoting reusable bags can receive assistance and free promotional aids from the CCCSWA. Contact Ashley Louisiana at 906-1801 x109 for more information or to request assistance.