How to Decorate Your Home the Eco-Friendly Way!

There are more ways to help the environment than recycling and conserving electricity. While many people may not think about it, being eco-friendly when decorat-ing your house makes a big difference! There are plenty of ways to have the interior of your house look the way you want it to in an environmentally-responsible way.

Buy Used Furniture

Buying used furniture is the most effective way to decorate your home without harming the environment. It’s like the recycling of home decoration! Selling your used furniture online (or giving it away) is another way to do your part.

Consider the Material

Different woods have different levels of impact on the environment. When your shopping for furniture, make sure that you buy only FSC certified wood. Wood that is tagged with the FSC logo indicates that the harvested wood is more environmentally friendly than the wood used to make conventional furniture.

There are also more environmentally-friendly alternatives to standard paint. Be-fore you buy paint to give your walls a fresh coat, make sure to check that you aren’t purchasing any paint with volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs release harmful toxic emissions, which is harmful to both your family and the Earth’s atmosphere. There are now far safer paint options, so make sure your tins are labelled ‘low-VOC’.

Use Thermal Curtains

Financial benefits often go hand-in-hand with environmental benefits. When you replace conventional curtains with thermal curtains, you’ll be paying a lot less on your electricity bills. Furthermore, these energy-efficient curtains are far more environmentally-friendly.

Don’t Add Carpet

While they look nice, the manufacturing of carpets is harmful towards the envi-ronment. They are packed with pollutants that are also released into your home for years. On top of this, carpets need to be replaced about every 10 years or less. Mean-while, if you go carpet-less you’ll save money and help out the environment. Using real wood flooring is the most environmentally-friendly option. It doesn’t look too bad, either!

Eco-Friendly Storage

Using heavy-duty cardboard or drop safe over plastic storage containers is better for the envi-ronment. Just check to make sure that the cardboard is made from recycled material. Use plastic storage bins only for delicate items that need to be fully protected from moisture. Make sure to recycle packing materials and go for plastic ties over tape when possible.

You also want to store your things in an insulated area. This is probably the best way to be environmentally-responsible with your storage habits, since storing belong-ings in areas subject to extreme temperatures can damage them. Then, they would be tossed into a landfill, AND you’d need to buy new things to replace them (not so eco-friendly). Consider buying a fireproof safe so you can safely store items and documents of high value.

Final Thoughts

In order to become more sustainable, we must always be conscious about how our life-style and choices impact the environment. While the implications that your house decor choices have on the environment are not necessarily obvious, the truth is decisions like these can make a big difference. You can still have a beautiful home while shopping in an environmentally-responsible way. Don’t forget, setting up an eco-friendly home can also save you money in the long run!

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