Get Rewarded for Recycling!

You may have heard that residents of Orinda and Moraga are going to be rewarded for recycling … it’s true! Orinda, Moraga and the Central Contra Costa Solid Waste Authority, with support provided by collection service provider Waste Management, are proud to bring residents RecycleBank—a rewards program that motivates people to recycle, currently serving over 1 million residents in over 20 different states. We believe that the RecycleBank program will be a win-win-win for residents, local businesses and the environment.

Who – All residents of Orinda and Moraga are encouraged to participate. Residents who live in other CCCSWA member communities (Danville, Lafayette, Walnut Creek and Unincorporated County area including Alamo and Blackhawk) will get an opportunity to participate if the CCCSWA Board decides to expand the RecycleBank program. This decision will be based on the results of a yearlong Orinda/Moraga Pilot.

Pilot Goal – The Goal of the RecycleBank Pilot is to increase recycling collection from each participating Moraga and Orinda residence by 200 pounds or more during the pilot year.

What – The RecycleBank program uses reward incentives to encourage residents to increase household recycling (i.e. food and beverage containers, newspaper, mixed paper, cardboard, etc.). RecycleBank is able to convert weekly recycling weights into “RecycleBank Points”. These points can be redeemed at for discounted products or services from local and national retailers, restaurants, pharmacies, grocers, and more. Participating Residents will also have an opportunity to donate their points, converted into funds, to the Moraga and Orinda School Districts!

When – All residents of Orinda and Moraga will be contacted by mail in early January. Please watch your mail for a letter introducing the program. You will also receive information from RecycleBank shortly thereafter with detailed instructions so that you can participate in the program.

Why – The advantages of the RecycleBank rewards program include:

  • Incentive to recycle by offering residents valuable points in exchange for recycling efforts. It’s free and easy to join!
  • Recycling is a critical step toward helping preserve our environment. Find tons of green information (and more ways to earn points) at

How –

  • With RecycleBank you can earn points every time you recycle — PLEASE read the information sent to you carefully as it will provide detail for how you can earn RecycleBank Points
  • Your earned points accrue in your personal RecycleBank account. Simply go to and use your points to shop for rewards like groceries, merchandise and discounts at national retailers and local businesses.

Cost – There is no cost to participate in the RecycleBank program during the one year Pilot. For additional information on the RecycleBank Incentives Program, visit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is RecycleBank

  • RecycleBank is the rewards incentive program designed to motivate people to start or expand recycling.
  • With RecycleBank, households earn points for recycling, similar to airline miles for frequent flying.

Is it free – Yes, registration with RecycleBank is free.

Why should I recycle? – Recycling is an important step that individuals can take to protect our environment. Recycling is a simple action that anyone, anywhere can adopt! The CCCSWA and the cities of Orinda and Moraga have joined forces with RecycleBank to motivate residents to recycle more.

Why should I join RecycleBank? – Partnering with RecycleBank is a way to protect our environment, help invigorate our local economy, support local schools, and keep our community clean. If you are already recycling, why not get rewarded for it!

How do I recycle? – You use the current weekly, curbside recycling program in the same way that you always have – nothing changes and since you are “rewarded” for the amount (weight) that you recycle, increasing the amount of recyclables you place out for collection will result in more RecycleBank “Reward” Points for redemption.

What can I recycle? – For a current list of materials that you can recycle, visit the “For Residences” section at and open the “Customer Guide” for a comprehensive list.

Do I have to sort recyclables? – No. We use single-stream recycling, which means that all recyclables (paper, glass, plastic, cardboard, aluminum, and tin) can be placed in one container without sorting.

How does RecycleBank work?

  • RecycleBank identifies home recycling efforts and awards RecycleBank Points based on the weight of materials and the number of participants. Residents of Orinda and Moraga should refer to the letters sent to each home by your respective city to understand how you can earn RecycleBank Points.
  • Residents need to register their RecycleBank account in order to receive and redeem points. You may register at or by calling 888.727.2978

Points and Rewards

  • Residents can also donate their Points to local schools. The points are converted to funding that are made available to local schools to fund environmental education and projects.
  • On average, households can earn up to $200 in reward value through their annual recycling efforts.

How do residents become members of RecycleBank?

  • Residents in the RecycleBank program area will receive information in the mail with instructions to set up their RecycleBank account.
  • Visit or call 888.727.2978 to register your RecycleBank account.

Do RecycleBank members get anything else for their membership besides points for recycling? – Members also can track their individual environmental footprint by seeing how many gallons of oil and how many trees their household has saved as a result of recycling and there is lots of articles and information with green tips on the RecycleBank website.

How do I get my rewards? – Register and activate your online account with an e-mail and password to order your rewards via the web at or call 1.888.727.2978. Online rewards will be made available either instantaneously, via the website, or will be sent via e-mail for your immediate use. Many reward partners require that their rewards be sent to you through the mail. It takes approximately 7-10 business days to receive your rewards after you have placed your order.

Where can I find more information about RecycleBank? – Visit or call 888.727.2978