Reuse and Clean-Up Days


Does your family have a lot of unwanted stuff that you want to get rid of? Now you can conveniently donate reusable items curbside during the scheduled garbage community cleanup twice each year. The CCCSWA’s Reuse and Cleanup Days curbside collection has been extended to include the winter months. See the schedule below to determine the month of your community’s Reuse and Cleanup Days. You will receive a flyer approximately two weeks before your cleanup date. You can call Allied Waste Services to find out the exact scheduled date for your service area at (925) 603-1144. To see special guidelines, see the guideline section below.

For other times of the year, donate old clothes, toys, furniture, etc. to your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul or another charity. Sell or donate reusable items, such as books, compact discs, clothes, cameras and sporting equipment to secondhand stores. Follow this link to search the for organizations that accepts donations or buys or sells used goods. Recycle non-working appliances, donate furniture and other household items. Also, have a garage sale or organize a neighborhood block sale.


The new winter “Bag and Tag” reuse collection has some special guidelines. Please place all items in closed plastic bags to keep them dry and attach the provided green stickers to the bags. If you cannot protect items from wet weather, then save them for your spring/summer collection.


All single-family households in the CCCSWA’s service area are entitled to three (3) garbage special clean-ups per year. Two of these clean-ups are community clean-up days and the other you can schedule individually. For community clean-ups, you will receive a flyer from Allied Waste Systems (AWS) informing you of the date, at least two weeks in advance. To schedule an individual clean-up call AWS at (925) 603-1144, option #1 (please call at least two weeks in advance)

During special clean-ups you may dispose of (14) 32 gallon bags or the equivalent in items. Bags cannot weigh over 50 pounds each. No single item may weigh more than 200 pounds or be longer than 4 feet. Branches and prunings must be tied into bundles shorter than 4 feet and smaller than 24 inches in diameter. No hazardous materials, tires, large furniture or refrigerators will be taken.

Individual clean-ups must be canceled 24 hours in advance of scheduled day. All items must be at the curb or nearest main street, even if weekly trash is collected “on property.”

Recyclables and Green Waste Cleanup

Planning to trim back your trees? Want to clean out all the outdated paperwork in your home office? Just moved in and have loads of boxes and/or newspapers to recycle? If you don’t have room in your recycling or yard clippings carts for all that material, Valley Waste Management (VWM) offers special clean-ups for yard clippings and/or recyclables at no additional cost. You may use this service once a month. No garbage, ashes, dirt, rocks, glass, metal, fruit or vegetables, nor fibrous plants such as cactus, ice plant, ivy, palm, or poison oak or ivy can be accepted.

The total amount of material accepted is two cubic yards (the equivalent of fourteen 32-gallon bags). Cardboard should be broken down and put in bundles no larger than 18″ x 18″. Paper and other recyclables should be put in brown paper bags, boxes or bundles using rope or twine. Branches should be no larger than 2″ in diameter and bundled no larger than two feet wide and four feet long. Loose yard clippings such as leaves and grass should be placed in plastic bags, buckets, boxes, or personal trash cans, no more than 32 gallons per bag, box or container.

If you have more than 2 cubic yards of yard clippings a 3 cubic yard “handy hauler” debris box is now available from VWM for a fee.

For a special cleanup of recyclables and/or yard clippings, call VWM at 935-8900. To request a handy hauler or debris bin call AWS at 603-1383. To schedule an extra pickup of garbage call AWS at 603-1144.