Top Tips to Recycle at Home the Right Way

If you want to become part of the solution rather than part of the problem, then you should learn how to optimize your home recycling. Throwing out material that can be reused is detrimental to our planet. Eliminating waste is one of the key ways to make inevitable population growth more sustainable. Check out some recycling tips for the following materials so you can start recycling at home!

Paper Recyclables

Many types of paper recyclables need to be separated. Newspapers get their own bin and corrugated cardboard should also be kept aside. Any food stained paper products should be thrown away. Other types of paper like magazines, phone books, envelopes, flyers, etc. can be saved together. While it’s ok to leave the staples in, any plastic should be removed (such as rubber bands). Recycling paper saves a ton of the world’s dwindling resources.


Since plastic does not break down in landfills, recycling plastic goods is one of the best ways to prevent harm to the planet. Check with your local recycling center to find out what plastics they accept, as recycling centers vary. Make sure to recycle plastic grocery bags, plastic bottles, and polystyrene cups.


Glass is recycled according to color. Clear, green, and brown glass should be separated. Make sure to rinse out bottles before putting them into the bins. Glass products lightbulbs, mirrors, and pyrex should be kept separate from glass bottles. It’s possible to recycle fluorescent light bulbs at local merchants.


The amount of mining, milling, etc. that goes into harvesting new metal costs a massive amount of energy and resources. That’s why recycling metals is so important. Copper is 100% recyclable, and you can even make some good cash when you bring it in. Make sure to recycle aluminum cans too, as aluminum is another valuable recyclable. Food cans should be recycled, but should be thoroughly rinsed out and their labels removed. Paint cans and aerosol cans are recycled separately.


Don’t toss those old electronics in the trash just yet! Check first to see if they’re recyclable. Old cell phones can be recycled at automated kiosks, such as EcoATM. Computers can be donated to help those in need. Check with local shops in your county to see if they can make use of your old electronics, go here to find out your county.

Getting Started

The first thing you’ll want to do is set up your recycling bins. Make sure you label them clearly since many recyclables should not be mixed. It’s important to be aware of all of the “rules” in order to make sure you’re recycling effectively. If you are going to use bags, it’s best that they are plastic bags or totes, as paper bags can rip if they get a bit wet. Recycling at home is rewarding and makes a huge difference!

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